Hello there

Thanks for stopping by, I’m Rachel a coffee loving mother of three who has had a life long love of photography.

I remember the moment I realised this is really what I want to do. I was chasing my then two-year-old through long grass and branches snapping candid moments of her when she stopped to investigate her surroundings. There was such a curiosity to the way she went about exploring what was around her. Those images are something I now treasure as when I see them, I remember my little curious toddler and those memories are something I never want to forget.

Childhood is fleeting and oh so magical. Their curiosity of the world and their imagination is something we can only be in awe of. Capturing those small moments that allows you to see a glimpse into their world is what I strive for.

I have a fascination with light and love watching how something so simple can change a scene dramatically. You’ll often find me shooting at golden hour, or overcast, stormy skies looking for ways to bring magic through light.

Capturing moments that tells stories is what it is all about for me. Whether it be creating something special from a child’s dream or providing entertainment at a wedding with a photo booth the idea of been able to tell a story with one photograph is magic.

I love to chat so please reach out it would be wonderful to connect.

Little Birdie Creative Photography